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ANNA COHUET has been working on the genetic and environmental determinants of vectorial capacity and competence in malaria vectors, especially focusing on the An. gambiae - P. falciparum system. She has extensive knowledge of vector-parasite interactions, in particular on the genetics of malaria vector populations and the ecology of malaria transmission. An ongoing effort in A. Cohuet's group is to account for the natural diversity of vector mosquitoes-malaria parasite associations and to perform experiments in conditions that reflect nature as much as possible.

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Culex saltanensis and Culex interfor (Diptera: Culicidae) are susceptible and competent to transmit St. Louis encephalitis virus (Flavivirus: Flaviviridae) in central Argentina
Beranek MD, Quaglia AI, Peralta GC, Flores FS, Stein M, Diaz LA, Almirón WR and Contigiani MS

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Multiple vector species may be responsible for transmission of Saint Louis Encephalatis Virus in Argentina

Medical and veterinary entomology is a discipline that deals with the role of insects on human and animal health. A primary objective is the identification of vectors that transmit pathogens. This is the aim of Beranek and co-authors in their study [1]. They focus on mosquito vector species responsible for transmission of St. Louis encephalitis virus (SLEV), an arbovirus that circulates in avian species but can incidentally occur in dead end mammal hosts such as humans, inducing symptoms and som...


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