• UMR CNRS 5558 - LBBE, Evolutionary genetics of host-parasite interactions group , Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Lyon, France
  • Genetics/Genomics, Molecular biology, Symbiosis
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Bemisia tabaci is an important agricultural pest that has established different relationships with bacterial symbionts. During my Ph.D., I sequenced and analyzed the primary endosymbiont Portiera aleyrodidarum and the secondary endosymbionts Hamiltonella defensa and Cardinium hertigii from B. tabaci MED-Q1 species. In addition, I got interested in using molecular approaches to help on whiteflies taxonomy. During my PostDoc at Shai Morin's Whitefly Lab (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), I was involved in several projects studying the adaptation process of whiteflies to new host plants from two synergistic points of view: whiteflies' phenotypic plasticity and whitefly-bacteria interactions. Currently, at the LBBE, I'm involved in the study of the adaptation process (co-evolution) between insects and endosymbionts using experimental evolution approaches.

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