• Deep Environment Laboratory (LEP), Ifremer, Brest, France
  • Aquatic, Biodiversity, Biology, Crustacea, Ecology, Ecosystems, Herbivores, Invertebrates, Life histories, Malacology, Marine, Symbiosis, Systematics, Taxonomy
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I’m a marine biologist and invertebrate zoologist broadly interested in how natural or anthropogenic environmental variations influence ecosystem functioning and biodiversity. I’m also interested in how ecological plasticity mediates animals’ response to change. I mostly tackle those issues by using polar and deep-sea benthic invertebrates as models, and by developing approaches based on trophic markers and functional traits.

Education: PhD in Biology of Organisms and Ecology, University of Liège (BE), 2011. MAS in Oceanology, University of Liège (BE), 2007. MSc in Animal Biology, University of Liège (BE), 2005.

More info, full CV, publications, etc., at https://loicnmichel.com/

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