• MIVEGEC, CNRS, Montpellier, France
  • Behavior, Biology, Ecology, Evolution, Medical entomology, Pathology
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I am a CNRS Researcher in the laboratory MIVEGEC in Montpellier, France. My research explores several aspects of the ecology and evolution of host-parasite interactions, including the effects of genetic and environmental factors on antagonistic coevolution, the evolution of parasite manipulation of host behaviour, the evolution of host behavioural immunity, and the ecological significance of parasites within ecosystems. To address these aspects, I have worked for years with fundamental host-parasite associations including amphipod-trematodes, cricket-hairworm, monarch butterfly-protozoan, fruit fly-parasitoid and ant-fungus. More recently, my research has focused on mosquito vector-malaria parasite associations with the aim of better understanding the consequences of genetic and environmental variations on parasite transmission and improving the effectiveness and sustainability of malaria control. In particular, I currently investigate how genetic, temperature, humidity, circadian rhythm, plant diversity, and vertebrate host diversity affect the outcome of mosquito−parasite interactions either through direct impacts on parasite growth and development within the host and / or through indirect effects on host immunity, physiology, and condition.

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