• ECOBIO, University of Rennes 1, Rennes, France
  • Arachnids, Biocontrol, Biodiversity, Conservation biology, Ecology, Genetics/Genomics, Methodology, Molecular biology
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I worked for 10 years in conservation agencies and nature reserves before switching to research. I have a PhD degree in Conservation Biology with a focus on arthropod and plant communities responses to natural and anthropic perturbations in large flood plains. I am currently a postdoc working on food webs at the water/land interface (both freshwater and coastal ecosystems) using metabarcoding and stable isotopes. Parallelly to my own research, I am advising 2 PhD students. One is assessing the efficiency of buffer strips to conserve cross-boundary foodwebs in riparian ecosystems. The second is working on the modelisation of future repartition of fishing spiders in Scandinavia as a response to climate change.

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